SAE Digital Library is now SAE MOBILUS ™. Learn more about SAE MOBILUS or visit the SAE MOBILUS Web site.

Welcome to the Digital Library from SAE International

The Digital Library is SAE International's online home to more than 200,000 industry-leading technical papers, standards, reports, books, magazines, and other content. Introduced in 1999, the Digital Library offers a range of subscription products that meet your content and access requirements. From complete databases of SAE standards or technical papers to smaller topic- and technology-based collections, the SAE Digital Library has a subscription product to match the needs of every user.

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We realize that the Digital Library is an integral part of your workflow, so the purpose of this communication is to provide technical information regarding the SAE Digital Library and the release of SAE MOBILUS.

The SAE Digital Library has been redesigned as SAE MOBILUS and will be available for use June 2016.  SAE MOBILUS offers extensive content enhancements and personalization available in an improved user interface. The SAE Digital Library will continue to be offered until September 30th, at which time, anyone accessing the SAE Digital Library site will be automatically redirected to SAE MOBILUS.

For a seamless implementation of SAE MOBILUS within your organization you will need to update any saved SAE Digital Library URL’s to reflect the SAE MOBILUS URL which is  It is recommended that the move to SAE MOBILUS occur at your convenience beginning on or after June 12, 2016.

Additional details regarding the move to SAE MOBILUS are as follows:

URL Updates:

The SAE Digital Library URL will remain active until September 30th. Please begin a migration to the SAE MOBILUS platform by using the URL  Some examples of areas in which the URL may need to be changed include:

Desktop Short Cuts

IP Authentication:

Your access to SAE MOBILUS uses the same authentication process that you are currently using for SAE Digital Library.  This includes IP/Password, IP and Single-sign-on (Shibboleth)

User Guides:

A user guide is available from the SAE MOBILUS platform by selecting the link for “Help” located at the top right of the page.   Both a User Guide and an Administrator Guide are available for your convenience.

Discovery Services:

At this time, the Discovery Services will still be directed to the SAE Digital Library. SAE International is actively migrating the services to SAE MOBILUS which will be completed at a later date.

Please contact your sales representative for an explanation of the new features and content enhancements or to add the content enhancements to your existing subscription.

To get started with a Digital Library subscription contact us at:
1.888.875.3976 (U.S. & Canada only)
1.724.772.4086 (outside U.S. & Canada)